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Environmental Benefits Of Bamboo

    Affordable Bamboo Packaging – The Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Solution for Your Business The world needs to move towards using sustainable products. Environmentally friendly products used in manufacturing and packaging will significantly impact our ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One product showing great promise in a wide variety of industries is bamboo. From packaging to toothbrushes, more and more bamboo products are making their way into our homes. Read on to learn more about how bamboo is helping to create a more sustainable manufacturing industry and why it’s a good idea for people to get behind businesses using this incredibly versatile plant. What Makes Bamboo So Versatile? Bamboo is technically a grass that is fast-growing and easy to...

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Striving For A Clean Planet

Humans and wild animals face new challenges for survival because of man-made climate change, which is one of the most pressing issues society faces today. Over the last 5 years I have been working in the film and TV industry creating 'breath taking' art; however the role of this industry in the destruction of our planet was eye-opening. Behind every production there is an enormous amount of waste that contributes to the environmental wreckage. Every time I would empty a bin with non biodegradable or recyclable product, the guilt just got bigger and bigger. As a result of this building guilt, at TuckersFX we design and create products that have a minimal impact on the environment; as well as contributing profits towards charities that focus...

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