Environmental Benefits Of Bamboo


Affordable Bamboo Packaging – The Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Solution for Your Business

The world needs to move towards using sustainable products. Environmentally friendly products used in manufacturing and packaging will significantly impact our ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

One product showing great promise in a wide variety of industries is bamboo. From packaging to toothbrushes, more and more bamboo products are making their way into our homes.

Read on to learn more about how bamboo is helping to create a more sustainable manufacturing industry and why it’s a good idea for people to get behind businesses using this incredibly versatile plant.

What Makes Bamboo So Versatile?

Bamboo is technically a grass that is fast-growing and easy to cultivate. The woody stems of the bamboo plant have similar strength-to-weight ratios of timber, and its functional strength is close to hardwood and softwood timber.

Unlike trees, bamboo can be harvested and regrown similar to how grass regrows after mowing. The roots underneath the ground called rhizomes rapidly spread to produce new shoots, but harvested stems also regrow quickly. Compare this to a typical hardwood tree, like cedar, which can take more than 40-years before it is ready to harvest.

How is Bamboo Environmentally Friendly?

When compared pound for pound against trees, bamboo produces more than 30% more oxygen. A hectare of bamboo also absorbs around 12-tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

When you consider how fast bamboo can grow, the benefits for sustainable, environmentally friendly products become even more apparent. Some species (of which there are around 120) can grow up to 24-inches a day. There are varieties of bamboo that will reach full maturity within a year, while others will get there in around five years.

Because bamboo grows from rhizomes beneath the ground, it does not need replanting after harvesting. Rhizomes hold the soil together to prevent erosion. Not having to disturb the earth during harvesting keeps the soil biome intact, which helps reduce the number of outside resources needed to regrow the bamboo.

Bamboo Products

The popularity of bamboo products is growing, and more and more everyday products are being adapted to using this versatile plant. Here are just a few you can start using today.

Cotton Buds - Cotton buds are sold by the millions every year, with many using plastic stems and packaging. Plastic hangs around for hundreds of years. However, bamboo cotton buds (which are also shipped in bamboo packaging) will biodegrade in the compost heap or landfill.


Toothbrushes - Toothbrushes find their way into our landfills by the billions every year. A toothbrush made from bamboo is just as durable and has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.


Fabrics and Clothing - Unfortunately, many modern materials are not environmentally friendly. Sustainable bamboo crops can be converted into fibers helpful in creating textiles for manufacturing durable yet biodegradable clothing.


Furniture - Bamboo has been used in building for centuries, so it’s certainly strong enough to create all sorts of furniture. From chairs to dining tables, you can enjoy attractive furniture in your home while also supporting a sustainable, environmentally friendly industry.


Packaging - Plastic packaging is one of the biggest environmental challenges of the 21st century. Bamboo can replace plastic use in bowls, disposable plates, food trays, utensils, cups, and straws for the takeaway food industry. Cosmetics containers made from bamboo for ointments, creams, and lipsticks are growing in popularity. Bags created from bamboo are strong, durable, and biodegradable, making them superior to plastic.


Bamboo products and bamboo packaging are low-cost alternatives to non-sustainable and toxic products like plastic. As more people make environmentally responsible shopping choices, choosing to use more environmentally friendly products in your product range and distribution channels will help you build your brand and grow your business. We supply an extensive range of bamboo packaging solutions. Every order ships with a free bamboo reusable straw in a bamboo bag, so be sure to check out your sustainable packaging options today.