Striving For A Clean Planet

Humans and wild animals face new challenges for survival because of man-made climate change, which is one of the most pressing issues society faces today.
Over the last 5 years I have been working in the film and TV industry creating 'breath taking' art; however the role of this industry in the destruction of our planet was eye-opening. Behind every production there is an enormous amount of waste that contributes to the environmental wreckage. Every time I would empty a bin with non biodegradable or recyclable product, the guilt just got bigger and bigger.
As a result of this building guilt, at TuckersFX we design and create products that have a minimal impact on the environment; as well as contributing profits towards charities that focus on conserving our natural world. At TuckersFX we are striving towards becoming carbon-neutral in our operations and hope one day soon our society will be well on its way to becoming carbon neutral.
Why We Need To Be More Eco-Conscious 
Our planet is in danger!
The world generates at least 3.5 million tons of plastic and other solid waste a day. 13 million tones of plastic end up in the worlds oceans each year. If we keep dumping plastic in the oceans at the rate we are today, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of the largest accumulations of ocean plastic, it is a vortex that spans waters from the West Coast of North America to Japan. The debris accumulates because most of the plastic is not biodegradable and just breaks into smaller and smaller pieces called micro plastics. As a result, the fish and wildlife become intoxicated and the plastics then enter the food chain which threatens human health via consumption. 
The main aspect of going eco-friendly is sustainability. In order to create a greener planet we need eradicate greed and exploitation. If everyone did their part to worry more about the planet than their bank account we could make a difference.
What We TuckersFX Are Doing To Make A Difference

Our Products: 

All of our products available have been designed and made with minimal impact on the environment.

Our container candles are made out of glass, bamboo and silicone. We will be offering a refill service. Just send your jar back to us and get a discount code for your next order! 

We have decided to only create our candles in coconut wax due to the questionable sustainability of soy farming. Learn more here.

We will be planting two tree's with every purchase. 

We also will be partnering our candles with multiple charities to make a difference across a bigger scope.